Ema T.
Everything I have tried here is AMAZING!! The service is impeccable and everyone was so kind and attentive. They get pretty busy on Saturday nights but the wait is worth it. Highly recommend!
Leslie Cerda
Amazing experience! Went to celebrate my nephews birthday and this place did not disappoint! Khloe and all the other staff were very attentive and the food was sooooo delicious! I ordered The Maverick and was very satisfied. Fu fu fries were on point too.
Erik Daniel
The food was fantastic I had the "Broke A$$ Ramen" and the " House Special Fried rice" both an interesting fusion of variety of Asian cuisine & Texas. The best customer service I have had in a long time. I will be back.
Vivek Kumar
Excellent food, been there two days in a row now. The pad Thai is great, fried rice and noodles phenomenal as well. Crab rangoon in a spring roll wrapper? How can this place get better?! Awesome service, awesome food. Got take out, and enjoying it some 30 minutes later, still great!
Morgan H.
staff is so nice, friendly and welcoming! Menus are easy to read and they have pictures too! Food was great!!
Kelly Olson
Such a delicious place for dinner after a long day of work! We were warmly greeted by Paul upon our arrival. You order and then sit down and from then on it’s full service. The service level was very high, our drinks were filled often and always with a smile and cheer. The decor is really cute and it’s really an upgrade from most Phó restaurants. This is a great fusion of Asian flavors! The Phó broth was really good, I did add chili oil because I like a slight spice. Lots of meat in both Phós that we ordered and we got regular size and it was PLENTY! The Spring Rolls - S1 - we’re really good and cooked fresh for us! They have a nice women’s restroom too! Don’t pass this place up!!! Also discount for paying cash!
Tamara Fowler
Delicious. Friendly. One of our favorite go-to’s.
Vena W.
This is one of my favorite places hands down. Not only has my food been good every time, but the service is impeccable and friendly, an understatement. The food has never disappointed me. The process of ordering food is slightly different than most sit-down restaurants, at least it was when I was there. As you walk in you are greeted at the hostess stand and your order and payment are taken there, menus are provided along with large blown-up pictures of the food along with a number that corresponds with the number on the menu. Next, they handed me a number on a stand and told me to sit where ever I like. At the end of the meal, I was asked to sign my credit card receipt where you can leave a tip. This is a great place to eat!
Kandy Angel
The absolute best Pho I have ever had! Tried several items on the menu and have enjoyed every single one....but that Pho though....off the chain!
Jennifer Watson
We went to Fu Manchung last night and it was delicious! The staff were kind, helpful, and kept our drinks refilled. Don't miss out on the Grohman Sampler as an appetizer!! It was phenomenal!!!